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Welcome to Octocelli

Octocelli was founded in Ghent in 2002 on the collective initiative of the members of the widely-acclaimed cello section of the Flanders Opera Orchestra, and is as such the only established cello octet in Belgium.

The group's diversity in terms of nationality, instrumental schooling and musical background provides an exciting melting-pot for creative collaboration.

The octet achieves high artistic standards on every level.

The ensemble's warm, homogeneous sound goes hand in hand with virtuosity and technical flair. Their first public performance was an overwhelming success and led immediately not only to further engagements in Belgium and abroad but also to a debut CD (press release oct 1st).

The repertoire consists of original works for cello octet as well as arrangements, the latter either by well or lesser-known masters of the genre or else arranged specially for the ensemble by its own members.